ChatGPT’s Potential Value estimated at $29 Billion as Investors Talk About Possible IPO

Tuesday, 02 May 2023 17:54
ChatGPT’s Potential Value estimated at $29 Billion as Investors Talk About Possible IPO

(Ecofin Agency) - Amid speculation about an IPO, the potential value of ChatGPT, the collaborative AI language tool developed by OpenAI, is estimated at $29 billion. According to several unofficial reports, the advanced language model could attract investors and achieve high valuations.

Investors have already acquired some of ChatGPT's shares for $300 million, which has led to valuations ranging from $27 billion to $29 billion. As the tool continues to be adopted by professionals and individuals, investors are already assessing its potential value if it were to go public.

Built on the GPT-4 architecture, ChatGPT has become a dominant player in the AI landscape, offering users capabilities in natural language processing and understanding. Since its creation, ChatGPT has disrupted various sectors, including content creation, customer service, and language translation, to name a few. Its widespread adoption has generated increasing interest in the commercial prospects of OpenAI.

In addition to its growing necessity, OpenAI has already formed partnerships with major companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, thereby strengthening its position in the market. However, it is difficult to predict the final value of the company. While Alphabet (Google) has become one of the world's most valuable companies, Zoom Video Communications, which revolutionized remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic, is currently trading at $61.2, a price lower than its IPO value (just over $62) after reaching a record high of $559 in November 2020.

ChatGPT is impressive, but still faces some challenges. Partnerships with Microsoft and Google have put it in competition with these two major players in digital communication, who have launched their own AI dialogue platforms. In some countries, the platform also faces regulatory constraints, particularly regarding privacy concerns.

Finally, although the responses provided by the platform are constantly improving, they can sometimes be confusing for inexperienced users. Meanwhile, in a December article, Reuters added to the speculation, stating that according to people its journalists spoke with, OpenAI could generate revenues estimated at $200 million in 2023 and $1 billion in 2024.


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