Africa’s most expensive cities in 2017: Nairobi, Johannesburg and Lagos are in the Top 10

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(Ecofin Agency) - Nairobi is the most expensive city in Africa. This is revealed in the 2017 report on life cost from The Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU), subsidiary of renowned British newspapers.

Worldwide, Kenya comes 75th in this index which compares each year prices for 160 goods and services across the globe.

Coming second in Africa with Abidjan is Cairo. They are both 99th worldwide. These are followed by Casablanca (107th worldwide), Dakar (108th), Johannesburg (116th), Lusaka (122nd), Pretoria (123rd), Algiers (127th) and Lagos (132nd).

For the fourth consecutive year, Singapore is the most expensive city in the world, ahead of Hong Kong, Zurich, Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Geneva, Paris, New York and Copenhagen.

Asia thus has five of the six most expensive cities worldwide. London moved from the sixth to the 24th position due to the pound’s depreciation subsequent to the Brexit referendum.

EIU’s index is most useful for human resource managers in order to determine salaries to be paid to personnel abroad.

Africa’s 10 most expensive cities:

1-Nairobi (75th worldwide)

2-Cairo (99th)

3-Abidjan (99th)

4-Casablanca (107th)

5-Dakar (108th)

6-Johannesburg (116th)

7-Lusaka (122nd)

8- Pretoria (123rd)

9- Algiers (127th)

10- Lagos (132nd)

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