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Mozambique: Government to switch to low-sulphur diesel from June 2017

  • Comments   -   Friday, 30 December 2016 - 13:51

(Ecofin Agency) - The government of Mozambique has announced that all measures has been put in place and the country is ready to switch to low-sulphur diesel from starting from June next year.

The sulphur content of the diesel being imported by the Southern African country is at 500 parts per million (ppm) but this is to be substituted by diesel with only 50 ppm of sulphur from June.

According to the national director for hydrocarbons and fuel in the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy, Moises Paulino, the aim of the change was to lower the level of pollution and improve environmental conditions.

He added that the benefit of switching to low-sulphur diesel which is backed by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), would not only be felt in terms of a cleaner environment but also in greater efficiency of vehicle engines.

The change is going to occur and we are coordinating it with the fuel distribution companies,” he said noting that the change to 50 ppm diesel would have no impact on the cost of diesel at fuel pumps.

The country, imports about 1.5 million cubic metres of petroleum products annually and 70% of the imports is diesel, “thus when we migrate from 500 ppm to 50 ppm diesel, there will be a very large positive environmental impact, for the vehicles and for public health,” Paulino added.

Anita Fatunji

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