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Burkina Faso shifts alliances: Russia, China, and Turkey replace France in anti-Jihadist efforts

Wednesday, 06 December 2023 18:45
Burkina Faso shifts alliances: Russia, China, and Turkey replace France in anti-Jihadist efforts

(Ecofin Agency) - Burkina Faso terminated its military agreements with France after a months-long standoff. Since then, the military leaders in the country have sought other partners to counter the jihadist threat.

A few months after breaking off military cooperation with France, Burkina Faso reveals its new anti-terrorism allies. In a speech on the state of the nation delivered last Friday before the transitional legislative assembly, the Burkinabe Prime Minister of the transition, Joachim Kyélem de Tambèla (pictured), expressed satisfaction in establishing new partnerships that he deemed beneficial for securing the entire territory.

"Six months ago, I was here to present my speech on the state of the nation; since then, fierce battles have been fought against the forces of evil. New means of combat have been acquired, and new measures have been put in place, allowing us to envision the future of security with increasing confidence," he declared.

Captain Ibrahim Traoré, a strong opponent of what he perceives as the undue influence of Western powers causing an imbalance in North-South relations, swiftly terminated military cooperation with France upon taking office in September 2022, leading to a rapid deterioration of relations.

The transitional president questioned the effectiveness of the presence of French troops in Burkina Faso in the anti-jihadist struggle, similar to his neighboring Mali and, more recently, Niger. In this context, Ouagadougou has approached Russia and China, whose influence on the continent has significantly strengthened in recent years. Turkey has become a key ally.

"The strengthening of military cooperation with the Russian Federation enhances the capabilities of military personnel and ensures better supplies of weapons and ammunition. Faced with the blockade imposed by some Western states, diversification was not only opportune but necessary. We have also strengthened military cooperation with China and Turkey. This has allowed us to have modern and impactful means," stated Joachim Kyélem de Tambèla.

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