Mali: Former minister Bathily recommends “self-defense” against land speculators

  • Comments   -   Wednesday, 07 February 2018 - 15:44

(Ecofin Agency) - Mohamed Ali Bathily (picture), Malian former minister of State property and land affairs, advises “self-defense” to landowners victim of speculators as the country’s judicial system is unable to severely punish land speculators, Mali Actu reports.

According to the authority, mobilization and concerted actions are now required. “Since 2015, I’ve lodged complaints against many land speculators. If justice did its job as required by laws, they would be in jail but, they are free to go as they want”, Bathily said during a press conference in Kati, southern Mali, last Feb. 4.

 Let’s recall that his term was marked by the fight against land speculation.

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