Senegal: A land tenure forum organized in Darou Khoudoss

  • Comments   -   Friday, 09 February 2018 - 14:40

(Ecofin Agency) - The rural municipality of Darou Khoudoss hosted earlier this week, a forum on “Land tenure, women and youth’s access to land” (Sécurisation du foncier et accès des femmes et des jeunes à la terre), Le Quotidien reported.

In Darou Khoudoss, there is the natural public domain but also the public domain of State as well as that assigned to mining companies, without mentioning the national domain and the perimeter of water and forest restoration. There are also procedures to be followed to assign areas to individuals,” said Oumar Diba, the sub-prefect of Meouane district, to justify the organization of this forum.

It is a good decision according to councilor Maguette Diop, who declared that “women have no access to land. 90% of land are managed by men. The time has come for authorities to tackle this and allow women to own lands also as no law forbids it”.

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