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Djibouti IGE and World Bank Sign Agreement to Combat Corruption and Fraud

Monday, 20 May 2024 20:45
Djibouti IGE and World Bank Sign Agreement to Combat Corruption and Fraud

(REPUBLIQUE DE DJIBOUTI ) - The State Inspector General of the Republic of Djibouti and Executive Secretary of the Forum des Inspections Générales d'État (FIGE), Mr HASSAN ISSA SULTAN signed two memorandum  of understanding with the World Bank's Vice President for Integrity, Mr MOUHAMADOU DIAGNE this Tuesday, May 14, 2024 in a ceremony via videoconference.

The first MOU concerns a technical partnership between the Office of The State Inspector Général of the Republic of Djibouti and the Vice Presidency Integrity of the World Bank. The second protocol organizes a similar partnership with the Forum des Inspections Générales d'Etat (FIGE), a continental federation of inspection and anti-corruption institutions.

The World Bank's Integrity Vice-Presidency is an independent structure responsible for investigating allegations of fraud, corruption and other illegal activities concerning projects and activities financed by the World Bank Group, its suppliers and staff, as well as for risk management and the implementation of best practices in fraud and corruption prevention. The Vice-Presidency reports directly to the President of the World Bank Group.

The protocols signed by the IGE of Djibouti and FIGE set up a platform for close collaboration aimed at preventing corruption and fraud in development projects financed by the World Bank.

The World Bank is a major actor of development funding. It is essential that the funds earmarked for projects are devoted exclusively to the assigned objectives. The mission of FIGE member institutions is to ensure that these resources are put to proper use. FIGE member institutions are therefore naturally committed to supporting the World Bank's Integrity Vice-Presidency in its control work.

Cooperation and collaboration between the parties concerned by these agreements include the joint organization of human capacity-building activities, as well as raising awareness on the issues of integrity, impartiality and probity, the fight against corruption, and the promotion and use of new information technologies in the exercise of their respective duties.

In a speech delivered at the signing ceremony, Hassan Issa Sultan, State Inspector General of the Republic of Djibouti and FIGE Executive Secretary, underlined the full mobilization of member institutions: "Through these memorandums of understanding, we are demonstrating the determination of our institutions and our countries to ensure the proper use of these external resources. And our full mobilization in the fight against corruption and fraud in development projects".


The Inspection Générale d’État, Djibouti (IGE) is a superior control institution of the administrative order, entrusted with a general and permanent mission of control and audit, investigation, surveillance, study and advice, attached to the President of the Republic. The Forum des Inspections Générales d'État et Institutions Assimilées (FIGE) is a pan-African organization, headquartered in Djibouti, with 27 member institutions from 21 African countries. It aims to be an active platform for sharing best practices in control, auditing, investigations and the fight against corruption. It acts also as an incubator for innovative ideas and experience-sharing between practitioners of public sector auditing, good governance and financial transparency.

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